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(Elisabeth Strack)

696 pages, more than 650 graphics, tables and photographs

The standard reference book „Pearls“ – currently the most comprehensive of all publications on the jewels of the ocean around the world.

This book offers a fantastic insight into five millennia of the history of pearls. The 696-page work is currently the most exhaustive publication on the varried and breath-taking world of the ocean jewels. More than 650 graphics, tables, exquisite photographs and detailed maps document the history of pearls from their former standing as jewels for kings to their role as modern jewelry. Each important detail concerning the world of pearls is presented here in word and picture – ranging from the development and characteristics of natural and cultured pearls to the analysis and treatment methods. Content: Natural pearls: Historical overview, Pearl-producing molluscs, Formation of pearls, Countries of origin, Freshwater pearls, Pearls from gastropods, Properties of pearls, Market and evaluation of natural pearls Cultured pearls form Japan, China, North America and the South Seas; Other culture regions, Properties of cultured pearls, Imitations, Examination methods, Treatment and synthetic dyeing.


After the insolvency of the Rühle-Diebener publishing house, we have taken over the remaining stocks including printing rights and can therefore continue to offer you these popular volumes.
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