Order-No. B-CR2025


RENATA round cells for watches CR2025

  • Swiss made high-grade product
  • including guarantee for unit protection
  • open code stating date of production

Technical Data:

  • Dimension: Ø 20.00 x H 2.50 mm
  • Capacity: 165.0 mAh
  • Voltage: Lithium 3.0 V

Cross Reference Guide:

  • Energizer Eveready: CR2025
  • Maxell/Panasonic/Sony/Toshiba: CR2025
  • Varta: CR2025
  • Rayovac: CR2025
  • Duracell: DL2025
  • Timex: NA
  • Citizen: 280-205
  • Seiko: SB-T15
  • I.E.C.: CR2025

Information on ingredients:
The manufacturer has informed us that the battery can contain more than 0.1% (by weight) of the substance "Ethylenglycoldimethylether (EGDME)".

Export ban
This article can be shipped only within Germany.

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