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Compact Bench Scale OnBalance IS-600-BK

The OnBalance IS-600 has been manufactured to provide users with a much larger capacity and better readability than conventional bench scales. Produced with quicker processors and more quality materials such as a new large Backlit white LCD. It accepts both batteries & the included USB power cord for those looking to weigh more frequently or in a fixed environment. You’ll find these platforms are coated to be Smudge-proof for easy maintenance. Upgraded with the latest software granting faster readings and even better reliability.

Scope of delivery:

  • Scale IS-600-BK
  • 2x AA-Batteries
  • USB-Power-Adapter
  • Calibration weight 500g
  • User Guide


  • Weighing units: g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn
  • Capacity max.: 600,00 g / 21.164 oz / 19.290 ozt / 385,81 dwt / 3000,00 ct / 9259,4 gn
  • Readability: 0,01 g / 0,001 oz / 0,001 ozt / 0,01 dwt / 0,05 ct / 0,2 gn
  • Back-lit LCD screen
  • Battery level indicator
  • Integrated spirit level
  • USB power adapter (included)
  • Smudge-proof platform
  • 500g Calibration weight(included)
  • Overload protection
  • Auto shut-off after 300 seconds of inactivity (adjustable Off/180/300/600 sec.)
  • Tare function to zero out container weight
  • Counting feature
  • One button calibration
  • 2 x AA-batteries (included)

Unit Specifications:

  • Boxed Weight: 965 g
  • Boxed Dimensions: 28,5 x 18,2 x 4,3cm
  • Net Weight (with/without Batteries): 322 g / 296 g
  • Scale Dimensions: 199 x 153 x 29 mm
  • Platform Size: Ø 120 mm
  • Display: 52 x 20 mm

Key Descriptions

  • ON/OFF - Turns the scale ON or OFF.
  • MODE - Changes the weighing unit.
  • TARE - Zeroes the scale. Also subtracts the weight of an empty container (see Tare Function).
  • PCS - Enters counting mode. Hold to set sample quantity for average piece weight calculation.


  1. Press the ON/OFF key to turn the scale on.
  2. Place the item on the centre of the weighing platform.
  3. Take your reading from the display.
    You can press the MODE key to convert between weighing units.
  4. The scale's auto-off function will turn the scale off after 5 minutes of inactivity or you can press the ON/OFF key to turn the scale off.

Counting Function

  1. Place a sample quantity of 25, 50, 75 or 100 pcs of the item you want to count on the platform.
  2. Press and hold the PCS key to enter counting setup.
  3. Tap the MODE key to select your sample quantity.
  4. Press the PCS key to confirm the sample quantity and set the average piece weight (APW) in memory.
  5. You may now place any quantlty on the scale and view the piece count ('pcs' will show on the display).

Tare Function

The Tare function allows you to subtract the weight of a container so that the display only shows the weight of the contents.

NOTE: The weight of the container will subtract from the available capacity and will leave a negative value on the display once the weight is removed. Press TARE again to return the display to zero.

  1. Place an empty tray or container on the platform.
  2. Press TARE key to subtract the container weight.
  3. Add items to the containers  to see their weight on the display.


Your scale comes calibrated from the factory and most users won't need to calibrate their scale for a long time. You should check your scale's accuracy periodically using calibration weights and perform calibration if necessary.


Calibratlon adjustment is permanent and should only be performed using accurate calibratlon weights that match the exact requlrements for your scale. Do not use coins or other household items to calibrate your scale.

  1. Prepare the required weight for your scale.
  2. Find a flat and level surface to perform calibration and let the scale adjust to room temperature.
  3. Press ON/OFF to turn the scale on and wait for the scale to stabilise.
  4. Press and hold the MODE key untll the display shows 'CAL'.
  5. Make sure nothing is on the platform then press MODE to conflrm the zero point.
  6. The display will then flash the required calibratlon weight.
  7. Place the required calibration weight on the centre of the platform.
  8. The display will show 'PASS' then return to normal weighing mode.
  9. You may now turn the scale off or continue weighing.


Worth knowing

The oldest pocket scale company in the UK & the biggest pocket scale company in the world!

OnBalance previously known as Dalman (Import & Export) Ltd started trading in 1978. Since then, they had been distributing miniscales throughout Europe and the world since 1989. After many years of product development for exclusive moulds and designs, they now have distributors managing all parts of sales to order fulfilment.

Their long standing success is a result of hard work dedicated to customer service and reliable products. All OnBalnce products carry a minimum 3 year warranty.

Where can I find the batteries?

If batteries are included in the scope of delivery, they are already installed in the battery compartment, depending on the scale model. Please first remove the batteries from the battery compartment and remove the protective film. Then simply reinsert the batteries in the labelled orientation and close the battery compartment.

SCALE 0,01G/ 500 GSCALE 0,01G/ 500 G
Order-No. 8172/EHA500
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SCALE 0,1G/ 500 GSCALE 0,1G/ 500 G
Order-No. 8172/EMB500
71,40 €
incl. VAT


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