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More than 100 years have passed since the Karl Fischer company has been founded in Pforzheim. For four generations now Karl Fischer has been in the hand of always the same familiy, thus being one of the oldest enterprises in this field.

Until the total destruction in February 1945 the main job of Messrs. Fischer Pforzheim had been the supply of tools and all kind of materials necessary in the workshops and companies of the gold- and silversmith`s trade in Pforzheim, thus the name "Werkzeug-Fischer" soon became well-known all over this region.

During the first years after world war II our utmost attention was directed to the reconstruction of a new sales building, which finally could be completed in autumn 1954. A time of temporary and restricted circumstances had been overcome. The new building had been errected on the same site, Berliner Straße 18, where a lot of new tasks were now be waiting to be fulfilled to the best of our abilities. It did not take long until our business activities expanded far beyond the bounds of Pforzheim, so to say worldwide. Within a few years only the recognized and experienced house of international renown developed to a powerful and competitive saleshouse for the needs of goldsmiths and jewellers.

Whereever you are - in Tokio or Caracas, Kapstadt or Reykjavik, Sydney or Moscow - the extensive yellow catalogue of Messr. Karl Fischer will be well-known among experts as a kind of information- and textbook, but also for looking-up and purchasing purposes for the daily needs in workshops.

We present in more than

400 pages provided with a register of
1.600 headwords a survey of more than
3.600 articles illustrated by almost
4.300 photographs clearly subdivided into almost
11.000 order numbers

the complete Fischer-programme containing

machines - tools - apparatus
working material and chemicals
findings - gems - pearls

all delivered by one supplier!

Since 1961 twentyseven German editions and 7 English versions of the purchasing book have been published, with more than 445.000 copies on the whole, and distributed to experts all over the world, keeping them up permanently about the latest developments in working equipments.

Sure our Fischer catalogue will be of great help to you, too!

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