Reshipment-Services Germany

Within Germany you can use our Reshipment-Service via DHL (Deutsche Post). You have  login to use this Service.

And so it works:

  1. Login on our Webpage
  2. Click on "Reshipment" within the "Service"-Area
  3. Click on "DHL-Reshipment" to open the Reshipment form
  4. Fill in your customernumber and if known the invoice number into the field named "customer&invoice number"
  5. Fill in your address data
  6. After sending your data you are able to print the DHL-Reshipment-Label directly
  7. Put the Label on your parcel
  8. Bring the parcel to a German-Postoffice

Terms of use:

  1. DHL-Reshipment-Service is only available within Germany
  2. DHL-Reshipment-Service is free of costs if the reason for reshipment was our fault. For all other reshipments using our DHL-Reshipment-Service we charge EUR 6,40
  3. DHL-Reshipment-Service is available for parcels up to 31,5 kg (max. 120x60x60 cm)
  4. DHL-Reshipment-Parcels automaticaly insured with EUR 500.--
  5. DHL-Reshipment-Service is only available for registered customers 
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