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Company vacations and inventory 23.12.2022 - 08.01.2023

Last working and shipping day 2022:      22.12.2022
First working and shipping day 2023:      09.01.2023

Please note that our company will be closed for vacation and inventory work from 23.12.2022 - 08.01.2023! Please order your requirements in time so that we can certainly supply you on time. Your orders should therefore reach us by Wednesday, 21.12.2022 at the latest. The processing of orders received later cannot be guaranteed. Please also take into account that orders received later can only be shipped again from 09.01.2023.

Our mail order business ships daily

Our team continues to send your orders daily, even under the corona restrictions. We look forward to being a reliable business partner for you in these difficult times.

Information on shop opening times

Please note that for security and administrative reasons, we only accept cashless payment processing (EC / credit card) in the store. Cash payments are not possible!

Business Hours:
Monday – Thursday:
08:00 – 12:30 Uhr
13:30 - 16:30 Uhr
08:00 - 12:30 Uhr
13:30 - 15:30 Uhr

Fax.: +49 7231 310302

In order to avoid waiting times and queues, we urgently advise you to pre-order your goods by fax, telephone, email or webshop.

If you need detailed advice, please make an appointment in advance by telephone so that we can provide you with an appropriate time window. If you have not made an appointment, we ask for your understanding that detailed advice may not be possible.


Our opening times can change at short notice! Of course, you can also make an appointment for your visit.
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