How can I create a online-customer account?

Even if you are already a registered customer with us you have to set up your own on-line account if you want to profit of our online offers. By signing-in you simultaneously agree to our General Terms and Conditions as well as to all declarations referring to security and privacy. If a customer’s reference number does already exist, you may use this one to fill the intended space when signing-in. If no customer’s reference number has been given yet or if you don’t have it at hand, simply leave this field blank; it will be completed by us after activating your customer on-line account.

To avoid improper registration we make use of the so-called “double-opt-in” technique. First of all you will therefore receive our registration confirmation per e-mail, sent to the e-mail address associated with your registration. A confirmation link makes part of this e-mail for activating your on-line account.

To activate your on-line account please check your e-mail account and follow the confirmation link in this e-mail.

If you haven’t received any e-mail of us within 10 minutes from your registration please check if this mail was caught in the spam-filter. If, however, no e-mail arrived, perhaps you have made a mistake on the occasion of your registration or another mistake occurred? In this case please sign-in once more, or don’t hesitate to contact us.

What to do if you have forgotten your password?

In this case you simply set up a new one. To be on the safe side you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail after filling in your e-mail address. Please follow the link given on this e-mail which opens a new page on which you create your new password.

My online customer account no longer exists - What now?

In accordance with the DSGVO, we delete online customer accounts that are no longer used at the latest after the end of the statutory retention period. If necessary, you can simply create a new online customer account on our website again at any time.

How to sign in, respectively to sign-out with your personal access data?

By giving your valid e-mail address as well as your personal password in the login form you have access to the total range of all installed web functions, you may have a look at your personal data as well as control all data referring to your orders. By signing out you definitely close the session in the webshop and your shopping cart will be stored.  You can access your online account at any time by signing- in via the login form.

How and where to modify your personal data?

Once your online account with us has been confirmed and after having signed-in under “my account” you may update your personal data at any time on your own. If, for example, your e-mail address changed, you sig-in with your old e-mail address, click to “my account” and change your data accordingly. The new e-mail address will be activated immediately and will be valid for the future for all purposes in the webshop. It goes without saying that also your personal password may be changed accordingly.

What are the advantages of a registered on-line account?

Some product information (such as instruction manuals, DIN safety sheets a.s.o.), catalogue downloads as well as price quotations for various categories are only open to registered customers. Once you are registered you have access to the total range of all installed web functions.

How to modify the delivery address / address of invoicing?

If you wish the products to be shipped to another address than your invoicing address you may store this delivery address in your personal account data and choose this address on ordering. Of course you may store and choose delivery addresses directly on ordering.
If you changed your invoice address this address will be used until further notice. If you want to use different invoicing addresses, a new customer’s on-line account has to be set up for each of these addresses. Together with the first delivery  to each of these addresses, a new customer’s number will be assigned, too.

How to deal with the shopping cart?

All articles in the cart may be cancelled before confirming your order. If you wish our current offer (Proforma-Invoice) before proceeding with the execution of your order, please mark the corresponding option before sending the order. After that you will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail.

Shopping Cart for non-registered customers

Each person visiting our online-shop will be assigned a personal preliminary cart. All selected products remain in this cart for the time of your visit in our webshop. If you want to set up a new account during this session or if you register then with your personal data, the content of this cart will be automatically transferred into your customer cart. In case you leave the session without signing-in, the assigned cart for preliminary customers will be emptied automatically on closing the session.

Cart for registered on-line customers

Each registered customer will be assigned a personal shopping cart allowing him to finish the shopping even at a later period of time. Each article remains in this cart until clicking the “Confirm Order” button or until deleting the products.

How to deal with the wishlist?

Articles in your individual wishlist (registered customers) will be stored till you delete them manually. You can create your own shopping list and easily transfer articles directly in your shopping cart. 

How to send my order?

If you want to order the articles shown in your shopping cart you have to click on "Checkout" to open the next ordering steps. In the following pages you have to choose the way of shipment, method of payment, shipping address a.s.o.. The last ordering page shows an overview and you have to click on "Confirm order" to send your order. If sending was successful your display shows a corresponding message and simultaneous you will receive an order-confiramtion via E-Mail, too. After sending your order your shopping cart is empty again. If you select "My Account" you will get an overview of your last orders and you can transfer articles from this orders in your shopping cart again.

Our pricing, is it binding?

All price quotations are subject to alterations. They are fixed according to the cheapest daily valid quotations on the international raw-material market plus shipping costs (packing, insurance, freight) and plus VAT (value added tax).

We are endeavoured to regularly update our quotations; however, there might be deviations in price due to short-term adjustments of the manufacturer or sub-supplier, or due to problems with the electronic data processing system.

Furthermore, strong deviations in price might be caused by massive price fluctuations on the precious metal market.We try to keep within reasonable limits such fluctuations by deliberately and selectively purchasing and stockholding, and prices will only be increased if articles have been purchased at a higher rate. For this reason it might occur that an article, 8ct, yellow gold (333/000) will be quoted at a more expensive rate than an article of 14ct., yellow gold (585/000); in such a case the 14ct article has been purchased and stored at a considerably cheaper rate and the 8ct article – run out of stock – had to be purchased at other (more expensive) conditions.
Contrary to many other suppliers, only those articles - and not the total product range - are re-calculated, which had to be purchased on the basis of changed price quotations,. However, it goes without saying, that you will always profit of the most favourable price quotations, even if we profit of a reduction in price on our purchase.

If you wish the prices to be confirmed before shipment please give us a note; a detailed proforma invoice will then be established for the articles in question.

We hope for your understanding and assure once more that price increases will only be made if compulsory, as customer’s satisfaction as well as a reliable calculation system is of  top priority to us.

How to Navigate?

Our shop offers a variety of navigation possibilities. The categories’ choice opens the path to the main -, the sub- and further sub-categories up to the desired article. You may click at any entry in the navigation and sub-categories will be displayed. Below the FISCHER logo in the black bar where the language buttons are placed you’ll find the bread crumbs which further simplify your product selection.

What’s about the integrated Search Function?

Using the Search-Box you may start your search throughout our total product range. All articles containing the search term (even in the root of the word) are then listed (including those in the product descriptions).

How to cash a gift coupon?

If you want to cash a gift coupon, please add the coupon-number into the "Comment"-field within the checkout process. Before shipping our key account manager will check if there is an active credit and deduct the amount automatically.

How to pay via PayPal / Kreditkarte?

Please note that after reciept of your order you will not be automatically redirected to the PayPal-Payment-System. You will receive within 1-3 working days an eMail including the following content:

  • Itemnumber, qantity, current prices - You only pay for the items still available.
  • Shipping charges (packing, postage, insurance) - We charge the cheapest shipping costs available from our forwarders.
  • Link to our Payment-Webpage - If you click the link you will be directed to our payment page where you can switch directly to the prepared PayPal payment page. After receipt of your PayPal payment we will ship your order as soon as possible.

Of course you can also use your debitcard to pay via PayPal.

How does the tax refund for non commercial customers in non-commercial travel work?

Exports in non-commercial travel only be confirmed by the customs authorities for tax refund purposes at border crossing if they were purchased in person from the third country customers in the shop of the dealer. Goods, which are delivered to a German address and transported from there to the third country, are no longer recognized. For this deliveries, the German VAT must be paid and may also no longer refundable !

When you purchase goods as a private customer from third country directly in our store, you will receive a so-called "Ausfuhrkassenzettel". This document has ro be confirmed by the EU customs office when you are crossing the border. Please return us the stamped "Ausfuhrkassenzettel" to enable us to refund you the already payed German tax fee.

Here you can open the declaration of customs administration as a PDF document (German language only).

Anything about VAT calculation
Invoice-address    Delivery address
   VAT calculation
Germany Germany/EU German VAT
Germany non EU no VAT
EU with valid VAT-ID Germany/EU/non EU no VAT
EU without valid VAT-ID Germany/EU VAT of invoice address
EU without valid VAT-ID non EU no VAT
Non EU Germany German VAT
Non EU EU VAT of delivery address
Non EU non EU no VAT
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