Order-No. 3935/24110

  • shape: barette
  • cut: 0
  • length of cut: 100 mm
  • total length: 180 mm
  • width: 4.2 mm
  • hight: 2 mm
  • manufacturer: VALLORBE

Especially suited for materials which up to now could hardly or not at all be filed, such as:

stainless steel, platinum-, titanium-, molybdenum- or nickel alloys, Ferrotic, polyester, coppertungsten alloys, Resocel, Polyamide, acrylic a.s.o.

These materials are either extremely abrasive - consequently the needle files soon are becoming dull - or they are rather sticky with long turnings, a fact which very soon results in clogged tools, or the material is hardened so strong that it cannot be worked on with a file.

To resolve all these problems our VALTITAN-Needle. File will be your ideal tool.


To summarize the advantages of VALTITAN needle files:

  • with a temper of 1200 Hv the Valtitan needle file is the strongest amongst all needle files available at the moment.
  • Materials can be worked on which up to then were thought to be impossible to be filed, without being afraid of dull teeth.
  • Valtitan files do not clog up. To remove the filings of the cut it is sufficient to simply rap at the Valtitan needle file.
  • Valtitan files are made of stainless steel and are rust-resistant. It is therefore unnecessary to coat them with an extra anti-rust paint.
  • Laboratory tests and practical industrial use proved the longlastingness and competitiveness of Valtitan needle files.

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