Spare parts & Repairservice

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Spare parts & Repairservice

Spare parts and repair service
Of course, we also offer supply and delivery of suitable replacement parts for the products purchached with us. We carry a large stock of often needed replacement parts and could help you quickly to reduce down time of your equipment and tools. If you cannot find the spare part in our online product range, please let us know in the comments section of the order / inquiry exactly which part you need. Helpful are the following informations:

  • our order
  • Type
  • serial number
  • Part Number (if available)
  • accurate description of the part
  • Phone number or eMail of a contact person

Together with our service partners we offer you the professional repair of defective equipment and tools that you have purchased from us. Please send us the unit, together with a detailed fault-description and a copy of the bill directly to:
Karl Fischer GmbH
Repair Service
Berliner Str 18
75172 Pforzheim
For repairs of external devices please contact our repairt service before sending this items.

Additional fees 
Please note that many workshops charge a fee to prepare an estimate, which you will have to pay in any case. We have no influence on these fees and only charge them to you. To enable you to decide what we should do, we will inform you of these fees before we forward your repair request to the workshop.

Daily price / price on request
Please note that due daily updated raw material prices and / or price conditions from our suppliers, you first will receive an order confirmation before processing your order. We ask for your understanding that the processing of the order may be delayed.

Time of delivery
This item is not on stock at the moment. If we are not able to ship this item within 5 days and/or the price will change, we will contact you.

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