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GemLoupe is a professional smartphone clip-on lens made for jewelers. It features a custom 5X lens and a Sparkle lens that allows you to capture images and videos with the most accurate details in the most Sparkles. GemLoupe comes with white, yellow, and Sparkle light, making it the perfect tool for taking images and videos anytime, anywhere!

  • Weight: 0.1 kg
  • Dimensions: Length 110 mm x Width 65 mm x Height 40 mm

Capture sparkling diamond and gemstone images with GemLoupe!Capture sparkling diamond and gemstone images with GemLoupe!

Gemloupe unique qualities

  • Smartphone friendly
    Take images directly using any smartphone and the free of costs GemLightbox App.
  • Plug and Play
    Clip-on the GemLoupe and you're ready to go. No setup or training is required!
  • 5X-Lens + Sparkles-Lens
    GemLoupe comes with a 5X lens to create the perfect images and videos, just the right amount of zoom.
  • Sparkles all the way
    Our data shows that videos captured using GemLoupe are much more likely to capture attention on Social Media!


  • 5X lens specially made for your phone camera
  • Sparkling lens
  • Option of white & yellow light
  • brightness modes
  • Spotlight attachment (included) for special sparkling effect
  • Plug&Play using the gemlightbox app

Included in the box

  • The Gem Loupe
  • Type C charging cable
  • Phone stand
  • Cleaning microfibre
  • Spotlight attachment
  • Lanyard
  • Soft shell case

Manufactuerer Support:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I select the correct lens?
    Choosing which lens to use is easy. Choose the 5X lens when you want to capture macro shots and the empty lens when you want to do large products and hand/model photography.
  • What is the smallest and largest object you can photograph using GemLoupe?
    GemLoupe is non-limiting. You can photograph gemstones from 0.1ct diamond to any size like you do with your native camera.
  • Does the GemLoupe work with any Smartphone?
    Absolutely! GemLoupe was designed to be compatible with any smartphone including smartphones with more than 1 camera.It can also work on tablets and ipads.

Download GemLightbox App:


GemLoupe Tutorial: How to Photograph JewelryGemLoupe Tutorial: How to Photograph Jewelry

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